Caleb Fackrell & LPL Financial LLC

Compass Law Group along with a consortium of other law firms are representing a large number of investors who were defrauded by former stockbroker Charles Caleb Fackrell while he was licensed at LPL Financial LLC. Fackrell was recently arrested and charged with obtaining property by false pretense. Fackrell, who did business as Fackrell Trivette Wealth Management LLC in Yadkinville, North Carolina, is being held on a $2.2 million dollar bond. According to various court records, he is currently being accused of theft as well as drug and weapons charges.

Fackrell was discharged by LPL Financial LLC on December 5, 2014, based on “allegations of participation in unapproved private securities transactions” and his “felony arrest for obtaining property under false pretenses.”

If you invested with Charles Fackrell; Fackrell Trivette Wealth Management LLC; or LPL Financial LLC and suffered losses, please call our office today at 206-728-1110 as we are seeking further information regarding Mr. Fackrell and LPL. Compass Law has represented hundreds of investors with claims against Fackrell or LPL. If you have information regarding Fackrell or LPL or desire a free, no obligation consultation regarding potential claims against a brokerage firm call our office today at 206-728-1110.